Wednesday, November 19


sly fox

Got up late today.Had a hard time sleeping last night.I was up at 2:30a.m. watching CNN hoping to get myself sleepy.What is the best thing to get your mind to shut off long enough to sleep?Anyone have any suggestions? My sister Trisha stayed the night.We watched Ellen DeGeneres in her stand up act from 2000,She makes me laugh.

My other sister Dee was feeling sick.She was in the hospital last month some type of virus,They never did say what it was.Except for her to follow up with her Dr. She doesn't have insurance.To make matters worse the ambulance driver was very rude to her,Cursing at her. When I called 911 today she was hesitant about going. Afraid she would get treated that way again.But this group that came out were very nice.They even said they were going to check into the last one that were out and file a complaint. The hospital didn't do a whole lot for her,Got her an I.V. and oxygen and said they cant seem to find anything wrong with her.I can tell by looking at her she sick.She cant eat she gets weak and very tired. I thought maybe her ulcers came back. So please keep her in your prayers. Shes got to get better soon,Her little two month old grand-daughter goes in for brain surgery in January.Scary...

If you read my blog you know Have a dog named Nuggett.Before the Ambulance got there I had to get her into my room.Easier said then done...She argued with me.She did not want to go in the room.I had to raise my voice at her. Finally got her in the there. I went out front to wait for the ambulance in the yard.There was Nugg wagging her tail at me.She'd gone out Thur my slider.She took one look at me and ran back around the house .I ran down the hall and opened my bed room door just in time to see her jumping on my bed and laying down.Acting all innocent.I shook my head and laughed.I had to kiss her on the head. For yelling earlier.Sometimes I think shes in charge,instead of me.I closed the slider and close my bedroom door.grinning for second thinking about that little dog.

Well I hope to get this journal up and running. I read a lot of them with nice graphics and tags and borders and hope to accomplish that some day.Thanks for stopping by.Remember Gods always JUST INTYME


  1. hi john! finally found you. you left me the lonk twice, but couldn't get there, kept saying error. grrr but i finally makde it. lol
    i have difficulty sleeping freguently...usually sleep 2-3 hrs then up again.
    nice to have your sis over for the night. :)
    sorry dee is sick,i know what it is to not have insur. i now have medicare & medicaid. sorry the amb driver was rude last time, hope he got reported!!! have he go to a priv dr, or go to a different hosp.
    hope she gets well soon, saying a prayer for her this morning.
    what would we do without our furr babies? they make life sooo much better.
    have a good thurs my friend, i'm off to wally world (walmart) today.
    entered myself on your followers tag, or you on mine?

  2. Sugar
    Thank you for finding me lol hope you enjoyed Wally world,Thanks for the prayersShe goes back to dr tomorrow
    Have a god evening