Tuesday, March 17


Hello everyone. time to break out the corn beef&Cabbage and get ready to enjoy the luck of the Irish..Good Luck looking for the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.....And please keep praying for Mark's Grandpa Ted He is going to have the hip surgery in the morning.20 percent chance of him coming out of it His heart might not handle the Anestassia.We are praying that God heal him or take him home. Just no suffering. Thank you everyone. Thank you Sugar for your kind words


  1. I will pray that Mark's Grandpa will come
    through the operation OK. Christ's death
    brought Both Salvation and Healing. Mark will
    also need our prayers.


  2. wishing you & yours a nice st patrick's.
    i still have mark's gfather in my prayers, will also go by & light a candle for him. praying for mark & family, as i know this is a trying time they are going through.
    if you need me dear friend, just send me an email.

  3. Hey John,

    I noticed on my blog that my link to the coupon for the pepsi didnt show up...so it is fixed now. So you can go and get the coupon. It is a coupon you can print x2 per computer. Just hit the back button on your browser. Sorry about that!


  4. Hello John, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by at Havenwood and for signing the Follow list!

    I love your St. Patrick decorations, and that baby photo is just precious. I hope all is well with Grandpa Ted. Sending prayers and good thoughts.

  5. A Happy Saint Patricks day to you John :) My favorite color is green, so I always love this holiday! Hugs, Kelly