Monday, March 16


Mark holding Grandpa's hand
Grandpa Ted Age 72

Hello Everyone. Im asking prayers for my Best Friend Marks' GrandpasTed. He's 72. This past saturday he fell and broke his hip. He's in the hospital now at Saint Johns in Missouri. They had to put the surgery on hold, His heart is not able to handle the surgery. He's is a strong Man very independant Always has been that way. There keeping the pain under control with medication. Im asking you to pray for God to give him strength, also for Mark, He is very close to His Grandpa, they spend alot of time together. And asking prayers for all the Family. They are going thru this stressful time right now. That God be with them no matter the out come. Thankyou evryone


  1. Sending my prayers! Life is hard sometimes, but God is always always near, and HE loves us!

  2. I am so sorry about Mark's Grandpa. It is
    so sad when an older person brakes a hip.
    God does hear our prayer. We need to keep the faith. The Lord know just what we need.


  3. Just catching up. prayers do get answered. your granpa are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings~kbear

  4. Ted looks like a very strong and independent man. I can relate to that as my Daddy is the same way. I hope he can get that surgery over with and get healed up and get back to life. Prayers for Ted and for a successful surgery and a fast recovery. :) Hugs, Kelly