Saturday, September 6

FLAT SAMMY.....Spokes kid for Autism

I recently had the privedge of hosting Flat Sammy for two weeks at my house.Flat Sammy is a little card board cut out based on a 12 old year boy living back East who has autism.His Mom came up with the ideal a few years back He goes from home to home around the World and helps raise awareness for austism, In three years he has been in many homes and gone on adventures around the World (check out his facebook page to see all the different places and people he has visited) When I found out I was picked to host Flat Sammy I was excited and began to do research on autism.When Flat Sammy arrived at my house, I took him to my job"The Estates" and shared his story with several of the elderly living there,They were excited and wanted to know more about autism, some even had great granchildren who have autism.I also took Flat Sammy to my Church and spoke about him and autism awareness,The kids loved him and asked many questions.

Lets us all pray for Children with special needs and show compassion. 

1 in 68 children in the United States have been identified with autism spectrum disorder up 30% from 2012.We need to educate,diagnose,treat and provide services to Children with ASD, It is 5 times more common in boys, autism appears to be a pattern in families,supporting the theory
that the disorder has a genetic code that children with autism may have inhertited. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog!!!!

Romans 12:10 (Be) kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love,In honour preferring one another.


  1. A neat idea. John you are all about helping others. Good for you.

  2. I love that people are coming up with creative ways for promoting awareness as with Flat Sammy and the ALS ice bucket challenge. Good for you for hosting, researching and educating.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. It's always so nice to see a new face drop by. :-)

  3. Hi John, I have been wondering how to comment for a good while as I usually get your emails.and tonight I have somehow "cracked it " and found your actual blog...I have so enjoyed reading all your entries. I live over in the UK in a small village called Box ! I used to do very similar work to yourself with the elderly in what we call Sheltered Housing..I am hoping to take Flat Sammy with me to China when I go there on holiday in October...spread the word over there as well...

  4. What a beautiful thing you did there...

  5. Be assured that the measure of compassion our Heavenly Father has given you is a very powerful weapon against the evils of this world, and your willingness to let Him wield it through you will be greatly rewarded.