Saturday, September 13


I was sitting here thinking about some of the crazy things Ive done,The mind can sure play tricks on a person, expecially if that mind belongs to ME.
                One morning I stepped into my closet to grab a shirt and I was bare footed.All of a sudden I felt a sharp poke and I  jumped back.Looking down out crawled a black widow spider, I killed it and made my way into the livingroom.Through myself down on the couch and brought my foot up for a closer look,There was a small hole in my foot and a little red mark. My Dad said "What are you doing?"I was starting to panic(Fear of Spiders)" I've been bitten by a black Widow "My Dad walked over ever so slowly, He looked at my foot,"Nah your fine"he said. My mind was racing, this is it Im a gonner I thought to myself.
               "Dad you better get me to the hospital I dont feel so well"Now son calm down your foot is fine,Theres no red streak just keep an eye on it"Keep and eye on it I need medical attention ASAP" I convinced my Dad to drive me to the nearest hospital,The 15 minute drive seemed like eternity,I made my way into the E.R and told the receptionist,She said" have a seat I will call you up"I thought to myself are you kidding me I could be dying here,GET ME A DOCTOR STAT....My Dad would look over at me and laugh.
               In walked a family helping a young girl she had fallen off her horse and was bleeding from her forehead.The Nurse  took her right back.I told my Dad "Are you kidding me, I could be dying here they need to see me NOW" Needless to say time went by and no red  streak,no pain My Dad had convinced me I was fine to go home and keep and eye on it.
                When we got home I hobbled to my room,heart pounding.I made my way to the closet just to check for more killer spiders,And there it was laying on the carpet. A THUMB TACK!!!!!  I had stepped on a thumb tack.My Dad was laughing so hard he couldnt catch his breath.I said Thank you Jesus.
Have a Blessed Day readers and watch out for deadly thumb tacks


  1. Now that's a story. Sounds like something I would do. Glad you were okay. Did you know there is a Brown Widow spider too?

  2. Too funny. You do realize that your credibility is shot now.. just in case something truly serious does happen?

  3. Haha - made me laugh out loud! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, COPD is horrible. I'm not a caregiver any more.
    Sending hugs