Saturday, July 26


 I get a kick out of elderly people. Especially if they've been married half a century I was assisting this couple in there home and an RN came out to determine if the husband needed more assistance. We all sat down in the living room He was a grumpy petite man She was kind &loving (kind of an Edith Bunker character)  All in the Family sitcom. We all sat in the livingroom.The RN had her head down focused on her clip board. His wife sat a few feet from her Husband. She had bags under her eyes,her hair was scraggly and she was exhausted. He sat there with his guard up and ready to strike.
RN "Mr Kindle are you sleeping ok at night?"
Mr Kindle "Oh pretty good "
Mrs Kindle (speaking timid) "Well he's been up five or six times lately"
He threw her a look.
RN Mr Kindle "Are you having any accidents in bed?
Mr Kindle "No No not at all."
Mrs Kindle "Well last few nights he has had a few"
He threw her a look with his fist clinched and he mouthed  "Shut up" she put her eyes down.
RN "Mr Kindle are you having trouble walking without assistance?"
Mr Kindle "No no not at all"
Mrs Kindle "Well lately he's been stumbling and almost fell twice"
With that he couldn't contain it anymore he yelled "Dammmmmm"The Nurse began to write and write and write He threw his wife a dirty look. Mrs Kindle gathered her composer stood up and said "Give us the maximum home care hours I've got to go get my hair done"grabbed her purse and headed out the door. That made my day!!!


  1. Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

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  3. This one made my day (Since WE are getting there ourselves) (SMILE)! Thanks, you gotta love it.