Saturday, July 19


Ok I have to vent.......AGAIN.Im blessed with a great neighbour hes a widowed man around 68 very kind and like I said Im Blessed to have him living next door to me but every year around this time he and a few of his friends load up the motor home and take his boat and head to the Ocean for two weeks.The sad thing is he own two dogs Yup two dogs not one.The thing that bothers me is he takes the young one and leaves the older one home ALONE I get that hes older and the trip might hard on the dog, My neighbour does have someone stopping by twice a day to feed the dog,Not only is old dog missing his owner but his 24/7 younger companion and the dog has howled and cried so much hes hoarse its an awful sound. I feel so bad for him. I  talk to the old dog thru the fence And put dog snacks over for him. Day and night that poor dog is crying.Its so sad..I need advice from the dog lovers out there. How do I handle the situation?Do I confront neighbour?Do I leave an anonymous note on his front door?All advice welcomed


Female dogs bite twice as much as male dogs.

The name of the dog on Cracker Jacks is Bingo.

Canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose.

Dogs ears are very sensitive, never blow into your dogs ears, its like running 
your finger nails on a blackboard.

There are 701 types of pure breed dogs.

Thanks for letting me vent now im going to go hug Nuggett.



  1. This is a tricky situation. I think I would nicely ask the neighbor if he knows what is going on when he is away.

  2. Paula B rite. she usually is. I hurt when an animal is in misery, then I hurt with the misery.
    Enjoy reading back on the entries. neat blog. Thanks.