Wednesday, July 16


Hello Friends,
Let me start off by apolizing I've been neglecting my blog and Im going to try to post once a week.Recently I got to spend some much need time with my Family. Money has been a little tight and weekends are when I get most of my hours in at work.Two of my nephews said"Come on Uncle we really want you to go,We will pick you up and take care of all the food we just need family time" That meant a lot to me.I got my camping gear out and we headed to Sly park Lake in Placerville Ca (google it its beautiful) My Sister Bonnie and her husband were waiting at camp for us.We went out in there boat We had a great time My Sister and I laughed for three days:)I bet the other campers thought we were intoxicated(We dont drink)Just good ol fashion Family time.Electronics put away, the kids playing games and sitting around the camp fire.I thanked God for this special weekend.I have a few pics will try to upload later.Reality set back in today as I walked into the bank I noticed a slight limp I looked down and had on two different tenny shoe lol To my defense at least they were the same color.I hope all my blog friends are having a great week and I will be reading blogs more.If you watch you tube check out Charles Trippy he is a band member battling brain cancer,I think hes 28 hes an awesome guy.You can also check out CTFXC I believe thats Charles channel name! Also A couple living in UK Five dogs and two kids SCCONEJOLY.Jonathon is Hilarous and great with is kids

Blessed day friends


  1. At least someone I know had a great weekend :) (see my blog).....glad to see you writing again


    1. Melanie my prayers go out to you my friend tex me anytime dayop or night

  2. I'm so happy you got to spend that time with your family John. Goes to show how loved you are. I enjoyed the photos you posted. My prayer is that you will have much more family time. You are in my morning prayers- my evening prayers too.
    No apologies regarding you posting. I got farther behind than you, just now posted on my Let's Chat blog. Like you I am going to try to update it more often
    Take care. Love ya

  3. Hey you! :)
    So glad you got that family time. Hope you're able to get much more of it.
    The pics you shared are great. All of you look very happy. I'm sure many wonderful memories were created during this camping trip.
    Take care.
    Love you.

    1. Barb thanks so much you have been a great friend Im looking forward to your updates as well

  4. Replies
    1. yes it is,enjoy reading your blog

  5. Family time is awesome! Nice of them to say "we will take care of food, just want to see you"!