Monday, July 28


Not sure if I want to tell this story, Sadly its all true.(Another John Momemt) Saturday I came home to grab a power nap before going back to finish second shift of the day. I unlocked the door and walked in, my dog Nuggett followed behind. How the heck did she get outside?Poor thing I must of locked her out before leaving to work this morning.,Thank God it was only 4 hours and I had food & water outside.She did throw me a look like HOW DARE YOU(as you all know shes the Queen of this castle)

                    I walked in my house and there was a strange odor,Thought to myself" I bet the room mate came back home from work" (Explains Nug being locked out) "and I bet he burnt broccoli in the microwave".Checked the microwave NOPE it hadnt been used
                    "Strange Oh well" so I gave up and streched out on my bed but the smell was getting stronger,Hopes it not carbon dioxide and Im not going to wake up,wait a minute carbon dioxide doesnt have an odor,Ok this is really bothering me...I know what it is I bet my neighbout burnt a pot of beans and the smell drifted into my bedroom.Thats got to be it logic right!!!!!So I go next door stick my head in her garbage can (I know dont judge me lol )  looking for any sign of burnt beans NOTHING
                     Forget it  I said out nap times almost over, wasted it on sniffing around. Laying there on the bed after sniffing Nuggett to see if she rolled around in something(by the way she was offended by my accusations) I decided to give up and try and nap. I got to thinking I stopped at the store and just paid four dollars a gallon and the nozzle had a small hole leaking the gas on me. How frustrating gas is like gold right now. THATS IT..... I checked my jeans and had gasoline on them .........the smell was me all along .Nug looked at the clock then back at me and threw a look like GO TO WORK PLEASE.Mystery solved.Lessonvlearned. Before blaming room mate ,neighbour and dog check yourself first.Hope you all have a great day


  1. Heeee heeee heeee, but it's so much easier to look for someone/thing else to blame first...

  2. Even though it was a decent ending it was good to chase it down. Never know when some weird thing happens. .Poor Nugget, Spunkybeing a Beagle would have howled..

  3. Hi John, Thank you for your kind comments in my blog! I am not sure if I could post in your blog. I like your stories.
    God bless you. Hope, Peace & Love, Starry.

    1. Starry thank you and I am able to get your posts Blessed Day