Monday, January 2


                                     My truck was parked for two weeks,The supertine belt shredded.($40)Thank God for Friends offering rides,Then a good friend from Church came over on his day off and fixed it.Wouldn't except any money.I put a gift card in his hand to take his wife out for dinner..Pray it forward.
                                   Also my friend Mark paid for the belt and picked it up for me. Then yesterday I Opened a home care case. 7.2 miles from my house.The dang truck overheated.I barely made it home.
                                   It took almost an hour just to get home.By the time I parked that truck it looked as if someones was bar-b-quing under he hood.So I called my Pastor for rides and he and the brother from the Church arranged to come tomorrow and fix the water pump.Thank God for friends.
                                   At first I wanted to yell Whhhyyyyy Lorrrd Whhhhyyy.Instead I said Thank you Jesus, You will take care of me,as long as I do my part.Same goes for any of you who are going thru something.2012 is the year of Blessings.Claim it and receive.But remember to do something to Pray it forward.Pastor Preached if you have two gallons of milk,Take one to your neighbour and say here you go, thought you might need this. Imagine if we all started helping one another.
                            If you read this entry please comment even if it anonymous.Let me know if you prayed it forward ,Or are you are in need of a special prayer.Just try it and see what God does for you. 2012 will be filled with Joy,Peace,Happiness and Blessing from God.


  1. So glad you have the attitude you have to pray it forward and to thank God for the blessings he puts in your life, even when dealing with car repairs, etc. I'll list my present pray it forward that happened today. Son came down today since it was my FIL's funeral. Hubby had cleaned out FIL's car and there was some toilet paper (unused rolls) in it. I said we'll give it to son, who is struggling making ends meet where he lives and is sometimes short on things like toilet paper. Gave it to son, who asked if it was okay, shouldn't we keep it, etc. Said no, we just bought toilet paper the other day at the store and we were covered for a bit. I said its like what the Bible says "If you have two coats and see someone without a coat, give them one of yours" So same principal mentioned in your post. Help others as we can. That's what Jesus would want us to do!

    May it be a good year fo ryou John!


    Hope it continues to go well for you!

    Love ya