Monday, January 16


Dear Dad,
The day has come. Its been one year ago today we lost you. I say we Cause I'm speaking for your daughters,Also for your dog(Mouse) And Myself. Last night I was thinking.One year ago on this day the 19th.Dad you were here.You were right here with us.The guys were putting in the new wooden floors in the livingroom and hallway.You said it has to be done by that night.You asked me to call Bonnie,to drive down from Placerville To go with us to your appointment.Trisha and Dee both were here that night. And I went and got dinner for us all.And the house was full of comotion.And I didnt understand why you insisted on the floors being done.I was so worried about the procedure you were having done in the morning on the 20th.(But you werent)At home that night.Iremember you sneaking up behind Bonnie and blowing in her ear.You scared her so bad,she screamed at top of her lungs. You fell flat on your face .resting it on the back of the couch.I havent heard you laugh that hard in years. I dont want to get all emotional on this entry, its hard not to . Just know Dad I miss everything you use to do. Your keys jiggeling on your side when you would walk. How you always had a pot of coffee on day or night. How id be rushing out the door LATE for Church and you say you look handsome, And I know your going to have a good time with them good people.. Also you waited up for me to see how Church went.Our long talks. Sitting in the back yard(Back 40) in the new lounge chairs we bought.It took you three different chairs to buy the one you liked.You'd strectch out on your bed to rest and say Ahhhh this feels so good. And you say son your eyes look so tired,You better go lay down.You did that .knowing I say Dad Im not tir----im going to lay down to.I miss you so much.At first it was like life just stopped. I was fine driving home from the hospital, til I seen Nugg(Mouse) come running out to greet you in your truck.I remember just falling to ground in the patio holding Nugg. And I cried and cried. And was scared.She eased her way to me shaken and so nervous she peeed in the patioNow everything is on my shoulders.But you know what Dad God has been with me( us.) I feel him holding me when the hurt is so bad I cant breath. Anyways.I love you and we are going forward and getting after your girls like you would.I hope you know how, much and impact you made on us. Dance with Mom.Until were all reunited somedays. REST IN PEACE MY MENTOR
John Pimentel Cline


  1. Hi John thanks for stopping by. No the guy in the header is my fiance. I will post some pics of my son in a new entry. May you have only happy thoughts today of your Dad!

  2. what wonderful loving memories you hve have your dad. altho gone from this earthly home, he waits with your mom, for theday his children come home. till then, he's keeping an eye on you & the girls, mouse too. ;)
    God be with you this wkend & always...

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  4. Great memories John, thanks for sharing them. Gone but never forgotten I guess. My Dad died nearly six years ago, I still miss him and will write a card for him tomorrow on Father's Day. You take care now! Andrew

  5. You have some great memories of your Dad to cherish. Helen

  6. Hello John,

    I saw your name on Pam's journal and decided to stop by.
    Thank-you for the tribute to your Father,


    ALBERTA Lori

    PS I saw Johnny Cash in my little home town in C. AB years ago before he got to be a big name. I thought Phoenix and Reese did a good job in this movie.

  7. A beautiful tribute to your father. It is wonderful to have those memories. I see the human side of sons today and it is wonderful.

  8. What a wonderful and moving entry. You had me in tears as I am reading this on Father's Day. I still miss mine very much and I lost him in 1986. Memories will always remain but you are doing just great and he would be very proud of you.

  9. Beautiful words....
    Thanks for stopping by my blog....visit anytime i'm usually here..