Thursday, June 27

Kidney Transplant Sucessful

Wanted to update a few things.I work at The Estates.It has around 150 apartments for the Elderly.They each have their own apartment.Some have private caregivers.I have two clients there.I work around 56 to 64 hours a week.It is a Blessing,

What are the odds of two people living in the same building get a call after years of waiting for a Kidney transplant.They had their surgeries two weeks a part Laura age 79 was home 9 days after her surgery.She came walking in the lobby No walker no cane and no assistance.Everyone stopped and gave her a nice round of applaus.God did the miracle.

Then theres Tom age 76 his recovery has been a little harder but he is managing.I wish I could end my entry here on a happy note.Two nights ago  while I was working a night shift, My truck parked right next to his.Someone sawed his steering lock and stole his truck.An older kind of beat up truck.Mines not new its a 1998 with a plaslic sliding back window.It was parked right next to Toms.They didnt take mine thank God.But it hurts to know someone would do such a thing at an Eldery place and to someone fighting to recover
.Let us pray they catch who ever did that to Tom.I will keep you all posted


  1. Wonderful news on the transplants. Crime is rampant here in Lincoln. It never used to be that way but we have murders, robberies and keep our doors locked all the time. Seems not long ago we never locked the door. The kids came and went with Jobs after school. Times have changed. My prayers are with Tom.

  2. That is such uplifting news. God is so good. I'll keep praying for Tom. Will pray too that they catch the person who did such a horrible thing. I managed a post in my Let's Chat blog; would love it if you stopped by.
    Take care, John.
    God bless you.

  3. that is great news on the transplants. Glad to read that Laura is doing good and recovering. That is so sad about the truck being stolen that belongs to elderly. I hope they find who took the truck and hope that Tom gets well soon.
    journally yours,

  4. (((((((((((((((((((((JOHN)))))))))))))))Hi there,I give tons of blessings for what you do and that you love it,they are blessed to know you!!!Blessings to Laura for getting a kidney,but sorry to hear about the truck being stolen to the elderly,that is terrible,I dont understand why people do that.Have a nice weekend.

  5. I hope they catch him - no one should hurt an older person!! And I am so glad that they are both okay. Sandie