Friday, June 21

Dad You were still needed here

This was my step dad.I never called him that.To me he was Dad.He married my Mom when I was 10 years old.Along with my 5 other Siblings he took us all in.My Mom was his Queen.I know that for a fact God brought him to our broken home.He taught us how to Laugh,appriciate life,set goals and respect others. On this day in 2008 he asked my Sisters and I to accompany him for a routine Heart exam in the Doctors office.Just before that he gave me the pink slips to his veheciles and emptied his savings $500 and made me promise to love his little dog Nuggett.So we as a family gathered around dad making jokes and promised him, after his procedure we would go to lunch.We heard code blue and as we sat in the waiting room.Time stood still.As the Chaplin made his way over to us.Sorry hes gone,Was what he said.And just like that.Our Dad of 30 years went home to be with God and along with our Mom who passed 2006.I miss him and he is still needed here.But his heart was made whole and now he is reunited with his Wife. Well Percy Allen Cline.I hear your voice everyday....In me as I become more like you.Love your son


  1. That was a lovely tribute to your Dad John. I am sure he new how much you loved him. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Great entry in the memory of your Dad.

  3. A touching tribute to your dad. How very nice and how quickly the heart can fail, I know from experience with my 2nd husband at the age of 37. Also, my present husband has had heart surgery but seems to be doing well. Love the picture of Nugg. I am a tremendous lover of animals, especially dogs. Thank you for sharing your memories of your dad.

  4. John, As Lucy says above, what a wonderful tribute to a loving father. Not everyone takes the time to do that, especially after they are no longer here.

    Thank you for joining up with Spots and Wrinkles. You asked about following on email- that is:

    have a good week.

  5. What a precious post, John, a wonderful tribute. I really enjoy your blog, am looking forward to keeping up more. I try not to miss a post but there is a lot going on. Thank you so very much for taking time to visit my blogs. I especially appreciate your ongoing support. I'm doing a lot better; do have some rough patches but think that comes with a major loss. We don't all heal at the same rate. Wish some people could understand that.
    Well, dear one, take care. Have an awesome day.