Sunday, November 30

Call an Elderly friend today
As most of you know I work with the elderly.Almost 30 years now.Yesterday I was at work and I was reading the in house newsletter
"Chatter Box" and I came across a name I regonized, Littlejohn.The lady I worked for was florence and her husband was Lawerence,this was back in 1995.Curiosity got the best of me so I went down the hall and knocked on her door,"Who is it?"a woman asked(not opening the door)"Hi Im John,By chance do you know Lawernce Florence Littlejohn?
Her voice was a little weak"Im Florence!!!"
"Florence its me John,I took care of your husband years ago" I heard the door and  unlock and there stood Florence Littlejohn,She looked the same,just a little older she stood 4 feet tall,"Oh my my come in,I remember you,Your the only one my Lawerence liked and didnt fire,You stayed three days so I could attend my neices wedding and that was back in 1995"Wow, her memory of me was sharp,It made me deel good about myself.We talked awhile catching.up kn life.Lawerence passed away in 1996 Florence decided to sell her Mobile and move here to "The Estates.I got up to leave she smiled at me and said"Honey come visit me anytime,It was so nice to see You again Shawn"I smiled and said "Its John"She said "The lawn,yes its beautiful this time of the year" 
"Yes it is" and I closed the door behind me


  1. Oh that was cute. I'm sure she remembered you but just not the name. I'm sure it is special to be able to help the elderly. I always think of my grandparents and how special they were. And now I'm heading that direction. I'm wondering at what age does one cycle over to "elderly" status? lol Take care!

  2. Bless her heart and bless your heart for the work you do.

  3. Just lovely JOhn You sure are a memorable kind loving man. God Bless, sybil UK