Tuesday, November 4


This morning at work I was assisting a client with Physical therapy,We were walking down the hall. Night shift manager Betty was walking a small dog (reminds me of Toto from The Wizard of Oz) his name is Biscuit, happy to be out and walking. Betty was telling us that Biscuits Daddy Wendell is in the hospital he fell at home, He should be back home in a few days. and she wanted to make sure the dog was walked.Betty has a master key to every apartment, she is in charge at night to answer all emergency calls, close blinds lock the lobby doors Ect. She has lived at "The Estates about nine years and loves her job. She was talking up a storm as she unlocked the door and took Biscuit inside. Frances(my client) and I continued our P/T a few seconds later Betty returned with the dog, She said"Opps wrong apartment Im suppose to be on the second floor,"  She was a little embarrassed. I replied with" Well they do all look like" We all laughed.Frances and I headed back to her apartment to work on a 1000 piece puzzel.I try to do things that keeps the mind clients active.We had a good day it was time for me to go home as I was walking through the lobby, At one of the tables in the dining area there sat a little lady, her grey hair sticking out from under her straw hat. She looked a little distrauct and a crowd of elderly women were gathered around her.As I got closer I could her shakey voice. "Doctor Chalk told me there might be side affects with my new medication, But seeing a lady with a small dog standing right there in my livingroon is just to much for me It was so real, I put a call in to Doctor Chalk hopefully he will call me back soon. "I didnt want her to think she was hallucinating so I walked up to the ladies and said "Night shift Betty felt badly about walking into your apartment earlier today with Wendells little dog. To which the lady quickly replied "Thank you Jesus Im not seeing things,"


  1. You certainly had an interesting day John. Biscuit is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. Hope the rest of today goes well for you. Hugs, love and always my prayers.

  2. Oh JOhn, it is just 6.45am over here in teh UK and you have given me a lovely start to the day....nothing like a smile/laugh to start my day....Just love your wee snippets of life amongs your clients that are just like friends, you are such a caring man I expect they all love you xx