Saturday, November 22


This is a story about defying the odds,overcoming obstacles and not holding back,This is Linda and Greg they met at "The Estates,Greg was on a kidney donor list over five years,He became very sick while waiting for a kidney.He finally received his new kidney, there were many complications and he got worse,While recovering on bed rest someone stole his
 truck.(The police never found it) during all this he became good friends with Linda(another resident),she too has health problems,despite the odds against them they fell in love and got married.The Estates gave them a weddingreception. Cake,decorations,a pianiast the works!!!Greg and Linda were very happy as were the Residents.The line to welcome the Bride&Groom consisted of hover rounds,walkers and wheelchairs.Smiles on every face.For an hour everyone was able to forget there aches, pains and heartaches.Greg is doing great health wise and Linda couldnt be happier. What a Blessed Event!!!!


  1. Wonderful story! I am so glad you shared this happy event with us. I hated to hear about his truck being stolen. What a shame.
    Hope this finds you well and enjoying your weekend. It is storming here today but we need the rain.
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left me. I always enjoy hearing from you and coming by here too
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Hope you are over your dental work. A touching story here today. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thankyou Paula, Worse parts over.I go back Dec 9th for impressions

  3. Hi John, what a wodnerful outcome for a delighful couple. Congradulations to them both. May they have a long and happy life ahead. How is your teeth ? hope that the pain etc is gone now.and you soon have your new" nashers " xx