Sunday, July 21

Pennies from Heaven

I got the title of todays entry from a movie (I think) But for me Pennies from Heaven is a Blessing. In the pass week I've dreamp of Mom &Dad at least three times.Mom passed in 2006 and Dad 2008.

 One day Mom and I were walking and we came upon a penny.She bent down clinched it in her fist and smiled.My girls just saying hi.I smiled, and we walked on.(Mom had lost three daughters in seven years.) Such a deep horrable pain, Not only for me to lose my sisters but to see Mom in pain, All I could do was pray God help us,

          The other day Im walking across the parking lot to work.Something shiney grabs my attention.Yup you guessed it, this shiney penny.(Barb from My Johnny  talks about Shiney moments )  I too stopped and picked up the penny and clinched in my fist, held it to my heart."Hi Mom"
         No Mom didn't come back as a penny: But at times thoses Hello Son  moments sure helps me get through the rough times.


  1. I find that our mother's do give us precious memories. Glad you have some. sandie

  2. I always bend over to pick up a penny, but now I will think about it in a different way.

  3. Glad you had this memory to bring a smile. Take care, Sheila

  4. I always pick up a penny if I see it. My entire family is gone now and has been for sometime. I miss them all. I was the baby of 9 kids and of course Mom and dad. I must say since we were farmers once in a while one of my brothers would have a small hole in his pocket and a penny may drop out. I usually found it.