Tuesday, July 9

Think back Tuesday......Stop Thief


Thinking back several stories comes to my mind. Thought Id share this one.I 
must of been around 12 when my Sister picked me up to go across town with 
her.She had three small children and heard that a Woman was giving away 
clothes for kids.So we pull up at the house and the garage door was open  we 
decided to check it out.So I walked over to the back door"Look Bonnie they have 
a door bell in  there garage"How dum of me lol As I pushed the button she 
yelled Noooooooooo.Well the garage door closed and we froze
on the spot.Needless to say the back door to the house flys open and out runs a 
hispanic family. Not only did we interupted their dinner,They stared at two 
strangers with kids standing in their garage.My Sister was speechless.I spoke up
"Is this the house that  was giving a way clothes for kids.?
Not only were we at the wrong house,they couldnt speak English.They opened
the garage door and let us,I noticed they had a huge painting of the last Supper 
hanging up.I tried to make ackward small talk.Very nice painting.My Sister
whispers "Brother shhhh lets just go.


  1. I would be so embarrsed.LOL.Nit funny at the time.

  2. Did they say abything at all ? what a laugh you must have had later...Hope you have had a good day. At last the summer has arrived here in the UK..and we have had a week of warm sunny days..

  3. As they say on TV, AWKWARD! I can just imagine how funny ir would be once it was over.

  4. Yes after we were back home.We couldnt stop laughing.You know I am a portague when I think the back door has a door bell:-):-)

  5. Oh my gosh I love that - what a great story John. sandie

  6. Oh my goodness, John. This story really put a smile on my face. To say that it was an awkward moment is right on the mark. I can see why it's a story you'd not easily forget. Thanks for sharing. And thank you so much for the prayers.