Sunday, July 28

DontJudge a book by its Cover

Thought Id write about how people today are so quick to judge or assume.My best friend is 6'2" and 260lbs.But the fact that hes covered in tattoos.People assume hes a wild guy looking for the next fight.Well the truth is hes got a heart of gold.Loves his family.Doesnt party and loves God.He started getting tattoos at a young age.He did go through a rebellious period.Does he regret it.YES! I cant say enough about how good of a friend he is to me.And he does so much with his children,No matter how many hours he puts in at work. (By the way which happens to be working with the elderly who all love him to get a good laugh out of him )Here he is playing with my little Chihuahua.
And thats me hanging out with his Pit. Who just so happens to be a more gentle dog then my little chihuahua


  1. Good morning, John,
    Thank you for stopping by my Spiritual blog.
    I enjoyed this post very much because people matter so much to me. One of the things that always saddens me is seeing how quick people are to judge one another. We so often miss special blessings by judging others; think them to be something they aren't. Truth is, we cannot afford to judge, none of us are perfect. We're more alike then most people realize, are kindred spirits, all experiencing the same things in life, each of us on the path the Lord decided is best for us, each of us doing our best.
    Take care, my friend.
    Have an awesome day.

  2. Barb
    Well said.You made my day.We do serve an awesome God.

  3. Never just a book by it's cover - or people!

  4. Hey John, thanks for dropping by the Shipslog. Yo have a great Blog here. I read back a few entries. Everyone of them brought a smile, and good memories. Starting with this one, I thought of Todd, a Hell's Angels Enforcer, covered with tattoos. Todd Got religion, came to work for me as a rough plumber. The sweetest guy I ever met. I still see him on occasion.
    My wife, sister and I took care of my mom in her last hears. I learned a lot about the mind. Memories flooded with the 'Yard Sale' entry.
    Thanks for the memories.
    jack, presently in Michigan...

  5. I have found it is best to not judge any time. Especially if it isn't very good. Any more I just go with the flow. I think your friend has done well. That proves with God's help we can do most anything. I think I would choose the little dog , but if the pit was loved and they are usually gentle when loved I would take the pit also. Can you tell I love dogs. Thank you for your welcome comment, on my blog. I appreciate it.