Friday, November 16


                     My day started out like any other ordinary day, Had a few errands to run,Got most of my stuff done by 4 pm .Feeling like I decided to reward myself to a hot vanilla latte and then head home to nap. Just one  more stop then  I was home free.I dropped the movie off  in the slot at Blockbuster and headed to Cruisers(Chevron) by my house to run in and grab my drink.When I went to pay for it.I realized I didn't have my wallet on me."It must be in the truck"I thought to myself.I had $3 bucks in my jacket pocket, paid for my coffee and left.Got into the truck, didn't see it my wallet laying in the seat.So I looked under the truck to make sure it didn't fall out .Nope.No wallet So I headed home,Unlocked the front door and walked in. Nugg (my dog) was waiting by the door to to greet me, she wanted to go for walk."Hold on Nugg",I said sounding  a little frustrated.She gave me a look, Like now what did you do?  I called blockbuster".No... no wallet here,"the clerk said.
                         " I must of left it in my other pants when I changed this morning.I said to Nugg" Drank my coffee and decided to take my nap.I had Church at 7:pm  After Church I decided to go back home and check. After a while you start to look in the strangest places.The freezer,The dryer,Under the lamp. Under Nugg (No joke) By 11:pm I was in panic mode.Thinking of all the cards & information in my wallet, Who carry's there Social security card in their wallet? Oh,wait (I do)
                         I' finally gave up and decided, tomorrow I'll search again.I had a good feeling it was in my house,just misplaced.So the next morning again  I began to search this time looking in shoes,under dresser and even taken the bed apart. Nugg wanted no part in this,She ran to the living room and jumped up in my recliner.Curled up in ball and stayed out of my way.
                          After what seemed like forever looking.I decided to call my bank,Sure enough someone found my wallet and used my card.It has 3 purchases on it $95:54 $18:75, $18:60, I explained to the Bank Rep my wallet was missing.She asked me"So you haven't purchased items from  in the last two days.?'NO..."Please freeze cards.And close my accounts."Then I called Amazon.Sure enough an account was created in my name and items were purchased.And the person who found my wallet...Wait for it......stolen items shipped to their own address...REALLY!!!!!
                              To make along story short.I went to Police dept. filed a report.My Bank said it will take ten days to return the money.But the sheriff told me anything that's under  $1,000 they usually don't go after the people. She explained that they  see this sort of thing everyday.                 LESSON LEARNED  1. I will always carry my wallet in back pocket at all times.                                                                                            2. Never carry my Social Security Card in wallet  3 Dont blame the dog.
                                               Thanks for letting me vent.
                                                WALLET IN CALI.....


  1. Sorry you had to experience this, just so grateful it wasn't worse. I want to thank you again for checking on me and for keeping me in prayer. God bless you.

  2. Sorry you had this problem. So much of this going on now days. Glad it wasn't worse then it could have been before you got it stopped.