Monday, September 21

Whats Really Going On?

Hello Bloggers. As I've been spending the last five days sick. Sometimes very sick.During those long nights when you cant find a spot to get comfortable.You find a spot to doze a while for fourty mintues.Fever and Chills cause your body to ache.Skin hurts from head to toe.At one point during the night It got so bad I texed five or six prayer warriors to pray for me.And there they were one by sending prayers and letting me know Im not alone.During this time,you lay in bed thinking.IDIOIT these are the times you really need a loving compassionate wife to sit thru the long nights with you.Now back to the title,I began to panic myself,laying there soaked in sweat." Do I have Swine Flu??" don t want to go to the hospital.I need to get out of bed and write my list of meds Im taking.Write down important numbers that My Sisters will need to call.By 4:30a:m after hearing a train for the third or fourth time.Then I start to reason with myself.Its either 1.My Ulcer,2.It's just a regular flu.Can't blame me,In the past few years(The Government)Is making us aware of. Anthrax,Avian flu,Mad cow disease,West Nile Virus and now Swine flu.Come on people whats really going on?You think about it,Whats the first thing we go out and do?We buy products vitamin D to fight colds,All kinds of remedies.Anyways just wanted to share with you how I was thinking in my delirious state of mind.I am getting better.I go for an upper G.I. On the 8Th of Oct. Hope all well with everyone.Write me and tell me your theory .Blogging off for now


  1. Dear John I do hope you are feeling lots better by now ~ you sounded like you really went through the wars ~ Glad to hear you say you are feeling a bit better ~ Ally x

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon..we think of the worse when we are feeling our worse. could be something simple. you're in my prayers..

  3. Hope you are feeling a lot better, drink plenty of fluids and rest. Take care, Sheila

  4. hope you feel better soon!!

    I like your new pic!!



  6. Good morning, John. I've been out-of-pocket because of work constraints. I just wanted to pop in and hope you are feeling better this morning. It is never fun to be sick no matter how you label it.

    Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, especially with electrolytes. It will give you strength.

    God Bless and I pray God's angels will surround you and give you peace, and I pray God's healing touch on you! Amen!