Saturday, September 12


I want to share with you what I seen with my own eyes. I am 42 years old.Having lived the first 21 years knowing there was a God.But not Knowing Him personally.The last 21 years I've been getting to know God.And recently thru my many trials. Health and Most of My Family passsing on.I've learned to trust him with my whole heart.My Pastor has been leading the Church on a seven day fast.Each group fasts on a certain day of the week.And a group of 47 plus people are up at 5a.m. for one hour, seven days a week. And the Church is reading the word faithfully. Pastor is focussed on Unity,and on love and extending a helping hand to person in need.And people let me tell you,We need God now more than ever.(No work,Foreclosures,Divorces,Dependancy on prescription pills to numb the pain.Its so bad that their are elderly selling their medication to supliment their income.) But getting back to my title of this entry.God has honored our fasting,Praying,reading the word.And zero tolerance for gossip in the Church.One Sunday I stepped into the Church and the presence of God was so strong, I could hardly contain it.Some of you might say What is he talking about?He's crazy.NO, I know what I felt and I know what I seen. Pastor called an altar call."He said people dont wait for a minister to pray for you.You have the gift inside you to pray for one another.Brother with Brother,Sister with Sister," I began to hear people cry out to God.Some were elderly crying in desperation for their grand daughter who tried to end her life ,And I seen children praying with children.YES children..Tears rolling down there little faces as they began to pray to GOD.And God began to heal the hurt,the broken hearted.The little child whose Father is doing life in prison.Im writing this because someone in bloggerville needed to read this today.Your hurting,your scared,you dont know where the next meal is coming from for your children.Your a grand parent trying raise your childrens children .Your depressed from the loss of a loved one.GOD HEARS YOUR CRY.My blog is not here to be a preaching.I may never speak of it again.But this entry had to be written.Please leave a comment and let me know how we can pray for you.And the best part. It wont cost you a dime.Just a little faith. Or email me privatly
GOD BLESS YOU,And thank you for your time.BLOGGING OFF FOR NOW.


  1. John, Your post has inspired me. We do need to pray for one another. I've been called out of sleep and have been praying. I'm not sure what is going on, but He does and I'm having faith that He is working on it.

    John, please pray with me for those that need salvation, including my father. His name is Larry and he thinks his sin is bigger than God's grace. I pray that God will open his heart and heal his mind from the deceit that Satan would hold on him, because I know in my heart of heart that God sent His son and He died on the cross so that my father and those that choose to believe will not perish, but have ever lasting life. His word says it, and that is why I believe it.

    Thank you, John -- keep believing and praying.


  3. Thanks for posting that..well said.


  4. Soon after the birth of my son I started to study theology and it was only after I returned from 'student days' in Switzerland that I found my 'mission', hearing a child cry. May be a long way to go, but am sure that it can't go wrong, what will be started in His name.
    Please have a life filled new week.

  5. If only there were more believers in this world. Beautiful entry John, really inspiring. God Bless.

  6. Thanks for sharing that testimony with us John. It gave me an uplift in spirits. I have just witnessed a miracle with my daughter and her back. She went from using a walker in two days to teaching half days just using a pole for support that Ken made for her. She is now teaching full time and having very little pain but I believe she will soon have no pain at all. Prayers were sure answered here. I am still having a lot of back trouble plus my son Clark is also. Ken is still having trouble with his eyes, Macular degeneration. I have really been in prayer for all of us and I believe when we pray for one another prayers get answered quicker. Please remember all of us in your prayers.