Sunday, September 27

"It's Alive.It's Alive"

An elderly man walked into the mall carrying an old wrinkled bag.He made his way over to where people were standing in line to get there food.He sat the old wrinkled back on the floor.He let out a yell"It's a live,It's Alive"A few people looked his way and some made there way over to him.Again he yelled"It's Alive. It's Alive..Several more gathered around.After a few minutes there was a huge crowd gathered around this man and his old wrinkled bag on the ground.Suddenly he reached into the bag and slowly he began to pull the object out.Several people stepped back.Some even had their cells phones ready to capture a picture of the mysterious item in the bag.He reached in and pulled out the Holy Bible.He yelled Gods word is alive.This elderly man was right.We serve a living God .He's the same today.yesterday and forever more.B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instuctions Before Leaving Earth. God left behind our instructions.Thats how much he loves us.We can spend two hours watching a movie and anywhere from three to five hours blogging and searching the internet.Wont you just spend thirty minutes a day reading Gods word.?It's for your benefit.God Bless you all. We need more people like that little old man who didnt hestitate to show Gods Holy word is Alive.


  1. have a good week, my friend.
    may God bless...

  2. ...this entry of yours will surely keep me alive - thank you very much.

  3. Dear John

    Definitely a challenging chastise...I know I am guilty of not spending enough time in the Word...although I claim it is what I base my life on.


    ALBERTA Lori

  4. Returning once again to read your 'powerful post' - yes, indeed it is alive, taking me by the hair and lifting me up again.

    A wonderful weekend for you.