Tuesday, August 25


...........AUGUST 25TH 1976...............................
Was the day Mark, you were Today you turn 33.Wow.I hope you had a great day with your wife and kids.I was thinking back when we were first met at Church,You were 19 and I was 29,I had been working in the firework stand doing a fundraiser.I heard that at Church there a young man who got up and testified at Church..I was thinking who is this Guy.We ended up becoming best friends,Room mates a couple of times.Some people come unto your life for a Season and others are meant to stay a life time.You are my lifetime friend for sure.You stood beside me when i lost my three sisters and parents,You are a true friend in every since of the word.Even though were 2000 miles a part we still stay in touch twice a week and every hoiliday.Thank you Mark for the gift of true friendship.Hope to fly out soon.Love you Bubs


  1. Good morning, John. What a thoughtful tribute and I wish your friend a blessed year filled with love, health, wealth and contentment! May he be blessed!

    Great photo of you topping the page! Blessings!

  2. good friends are good to have!



  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for the visit. Blessed you are and thanks for yours. Kiss the kids for me (buddy/nuggett/fred)...:)

  4. john,

    great to hear from you...good friend make life incredible...

    :Some people come unto your life for a Season and others are meant to stay a life time"...my favorite part. hope you have a great weekend!