Monday, February 23

"Lady in the Rain"

The rain has been pouring down hard all night. I hesitated to run out and grab the newspaper.
I grabbed my umbrella and made a mad dash for the end of my drive way. Of course the newspaper was under the truck.Where I couldn't reach it. Wind blowing hard. Running back to get the rake ,
I almost slipped on the cement. Using the rake I got my partially wet paper out from under the truck. All the while complaining . Dang paper should of been at MY front door.
Turning to head back in. My Hands were freezing cold, That's when I noticed across the street.An elderly Hispanic woman,around 60 or so, walking in the rain. Holding in her right hand, must of been her Grand daughter 5 or 6 years old Bundled up holding a small umbrella.
The other hand she used a cane to support herself as they walked. The umbrella could not cover them both. Feeling ashamed of my complaining over a wet newspaper . I walked across the street. Slowly not wanting to frighten them. I said Par done mi (excuse me) And I gave her my umbrella She had a look of confusion in her eyes. And I turned and walked off,
We were able to communicate with very little words.That evening there was a knock at my door. A man(the girls father I'm assuming ) Handed me a plate He said "Gracious por Mama" (thank you for My Mom) and then left. The warm plate wrapped in tin foil had the aroma of fresh tamales . On top was a note I read the note. It had the penmanship of a child.
My Grandmother thanks you for your kindness,She had been praying for the rain to stop long enough to get me to School and back home.And God answered her prayer by sending YOU.
Suddenly my wet newspaper seemed insignificant to me.
Blogging off for now JP


  1. That was very inspiring John. I thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  2. prayers are answered, & God works in mysterious ways. angels walk among us.

  3. it is amazing how the Lord chooses to do his work through us flawed people; what a touching story; how awesome you chose to help that lady and be blessed so abundantly by that right choice!!!

    congrats on your little grand-nephew!! wishing all much happiness

    thanks for visiting my silly journal; I'll be back as I can :)


  4. What a blessing it was for you to give your umbrella to that lady and her grandchild. You also found out she was a Christian. Thanks for coming by my blog snd leaving a comment. Glad that you liked my pictures. I was thinking you had a friends list(followers) so that way when you nade an entry it would show up in my dashboard. I didn't realize you had been making entrys lately. I like the Bible header and also the little fairy. Have a blessed day. Helen