Monday, February 2


Hello, how is everyone doing?. Today it was very nice out. It was 62 and tomorrow its expected to be72 (here in calif.)Is it Winter or Summer? They say The Ground hog seen his shadow and that means six more weeks of Summer..Ahhhhh Winter. The confused ground hog was seen holding up the local Wal Mart demanding Sun screen. What is this world coming to.? The weather is even affecting the animals.
Blogging off for now JP


  1. Hi John! Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to update it.

    Oh, I think I'll die from laughter. You got an air freshener one year for Christmas, huh? I would have died! I also am allergic to perfume. Once when I was younger and staying at my sister Therese's house, I felt ill because of her air freshner she had just bought. I couldn't stand it any longer bc the air freshner became too overpowering with it's perfuminess! I took her air freshner outside and hid it, it was so bad, LOL. I was going to return it when she got home, but before I could, some neighborhood kids walked by and stole it from the yard, dismantled it, and used part of it for a "frog catcher." I lived in fear that my sissy would come home and say, "Where's my air freshner?" I worried bc I was already a guest who was overstaying her welcome, LOL, and I didn't want her to get mad at me that I lost her air freshner... So I know where you are coming from, LOL.

    So drop by again soon. I'll try to be going around to blogs more. It's been rough these past few months with John sick again. His cancer's not back, but he's had complications...

    Anyway, I don't know if you'd added your blog to the JLand blog directory called from jland to blogger, listed below. If not, please do! Thanks John, God bless, and take care...

    krissy knox :)
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  2. i'm so is 9 F as i sat here typing this...BRRR.
    funny about the ground hog. lol
    you visited & asked about your getting photoshop. yes, you can buy it, or you can prob download it or at least a trial of it. but i don't know where. i don't use photoshop. you said you wanted to edit your photos. don't you already have a paint shop on your windows? i thought all windows had that. check your programs & see. you can edit photos with that.
    have a good week.

  3. Now that was funny, LOL. What a visual I have of a ground hog with sunglasses on now...with a surfboard!

  4. oh man it's going to be -6 tonight. it's going to be 50 by Saturday whoooo hooo!

  5. LOL Picture is too cute! It was 28 degrees in Kansas today! Brrrr and the wind always blows in Kansas making it feel even colder. Hope you have a blessed week. Janie

  6. john, just got your other comment.
    yes you can rezise them & put borders around them. you'll have to check out the different templats on blogspot to see if there's any that allow both sides.
    good luck.

  7. I'm jealous that it's been so warm.


  8. answering the 2 questions you just asked on my journal... no as far as i know there's nothing like that here, remember i live in a small town. the transp for disabled & seniors here is the little access bus which picks you up at end of your drive with an appt, but making it up the stairs would still be on me. and as for someone coming in a couple times a week to help me with chores, etc... family are very private & don't allow anyone in their home.
    they've said when i get that bad i should just go to a nrsg home. & i'm not ready for that yet! lol
    sorry to leave comment here, but you never leave your email so i can't email you back.

  9. I am going to go with the General down here in Georgia on this one John. I dont want six more weeks of winter! I want it to be over sooner than later. The General says its gonna be an early Spring here. :) Hugs, Kelly

  10. thanks for visiting my blog. We have gorgeous weather here also. enjoy it while it is here, next week, who knows????