Saturday, April 4

Nice day today

Today was a nice day. Hung out with Bobbie (theres postongs on it now)
Stop by and add your self to her followers.Shes new and looking for a few blogs to read and get to know people. Not many postings lately. O.k. is everyone going to Face book, Tweitter or My space? We got to hang in there with our blogger buddies.Have a good evening all


  1. i went over to the new blog, but found she's not even made an entry yet. so, i didn't comment, tell her she needs to start posting & she'll get followers. ;)
    also, i know some have went to facebook, but not me...took me long enough to try & learn how to get bloggerville to work, lol. i don't do well with change.
    have a blessed day & a good week.

  2. Hi John, Actually, I used to have FB, and probably am still on Twitter and Bebo. I just don't use them. FB I terminated my account after all the media warnings of individuals personal data being compromised. It was forgivable the first time, but they keep seemingly having the same issues. I will go by your friend's blog and see if I can hit follow even though she has not posted. Best,

  3. What sugar said... no entries over there yet. I don't do the "follower" thing because I prefer Google reader.

    I've noticed not as many people are posting lately.

    I don't like twitter. I mostly just play silly games on Facebook. I love my blogging!

  4. been so busy...haven't blogged but still there and will be adding some things soon. I will check out the new blogger but i don't follow until i have read entries so i can learn more bout the person doing the blogging.
    Talk again soon!

  5. Hi John, so glad you found my blog. :) I'm glad I found yours also! I can't remember, are you listed in our from jland to blogger directory? It's for all the former AOLers who went to Blogger (blogspot). If you are not in the directory yet, please go and list your blogs in the directory I'm creating. Thanks!

    Okay, so like, you probably noticed, I do the Twitter thing, and the Facebook thing. Yucky on myspace! Not, I don't do it, nor will I ever. I love Twitter, I meet people there, learn new ideas. I see some like to play fun games on FB, but not me, I like to communicate, stay connected, and exchange ideas and learn things on Twitter. Email me and I'll explain more about it to you.
    If you want to start on Twitter, let me know, and I'll help you. I wish someone had shown me some things when I started, LOL. At any rate, email me, but give me awhile to answer you back, I'm in Hershey right now. John got sick once again, and he is in Hershey Medical Center (his bone marrow transplant center and hospital for cancer related treatments). We have been here since Saturday. Please pray for John. He is out of the woods now, but there are still some issues... So he would love prayers. Hopefully he'll get out by this week, I'm thinking he will... Okay, take care of yourself.

    krissy knox :)
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