Wednesday, December 19


Wow what a day, I'm not kidding.I was sitting in the parking lot of CVS/Longs.Had My niece age 6 and nephew age 4,We were waiting on their dad.he was getting Christmas cards printed up.L.was crying because he didn't have his gloves and H. was hyped up on Sprite telling us a story about Twig branch named Polly.The story actually caught my attention,It was pouring down raining out. All of a sudden We felt a huge thump.I rolled down my window to see what was happening.A green van pulled up next to my truck.The driver had just walked into CVS. The slider door on his van opened and the metal rack came down and hit my drivers side.I couldn't open my door. So I called My friend M. he didn't answer.So I called CVS. After ten minutes.M came out and he seen the rack up against my door.Then the elderly gentleman walked out.I had to call him over.I explained what happened. He took a quick glance at my truck,Said No scratches.Sorry Merry Christmas.Ironic thing was he had a huge stick in his window that read, PLEASE DON'T PARK WITHIN 8 FEET wheel chair Lift installed.Goes both ways buddy!!

                                      We drove off.I was taking M, and the kids home.Pouring down raining,He was eating a Burrito and the kids were singing there Christmas songs.All of sudden I see a White car with know brake lights stopped in front of me.I tapped my brakes lightly.And I couldn't stop my truck,We hydroplaned and started going side ways,It felt like eternity in slow motion.I looked over at M. and he wasn't saying a word.Just staring straight ahead.The rice from his burrito was flying everywhere.We were heading into a ditch.I had no control over my truck.I turned the steering wheel slightly to keep from over correcting.We bottomed out, hitting the ditch with a hard thump.I managed to get the truck to turn back to the left,Two cars behind me slamming on their brakes.It was a horrible feeling, especially with kids in the truck,They were crying,L. age 4 said he had two broken arms.(He was fine) H, said she hit her head.But we were all fine. Thank God. Dropped them off.On the way home my glasses decide to break in half.They were hanging on my thread.Got home texed my Sister, She said" Brother get in the house and call it a night" So I did.I put on a Christmas movie.Plugged in the tree lights and enjoyed my evening.Around 11 pm I went to bed. Thinking OK John you survived the night.
The Couch might be Safer!!!
Now pray and go to sleep.About 2 a.m. I was awaken with a whack to my forehead.Blood started to trickle down.It was SANTA.Some how my hand got tangled in the Christmas lights on my headboard(decorated to be festive..No more to pulled them down.Grabbing the heavy Santa Ornament that was sitting on my headboard.Pulled that sucker right down on my forehead.I jumped out of bed.Turned on the light.Santa laid there in the bed. Nuggett woke up long enough to shake her head in disbelief and go back to sleep.I washed my face.The bleeding stopped.I went back to bed.Thinking WOW only in Johns World does this happen.


  1. Hmmm, and I thought I had bad days! Hope things get better for you. Merry Christmas!

  2. WOW!!! I would stay inside for a while...hope things improve...stay safe!!