Saturday, December 15


 Its been raining off and on here.I thought Id stay home and catch up on my laundry. Still wearing what I wore to bed last night.My t shirt and favorite red shorts.My laundry room is located inside my garage. I  have to go out the front door and open the garage.Nuggett (my dog) was right behind me,She hates the rain.She wanted to turn around and run back in the house.I said C'mon  Nug lets go,Singing We wish you a Merry Christmas.She was shaking.Partly from the rain,But mostly from my singing.We get inside the garage,I throw a load in.Turn to head back when I noticed I had my shorts on backwards.(Wow, what happened last night. lol) For some reason I had to fix them. I turned them around real quick.My garage door faces My Gate in the Alley.Without thinking I took a step,The shorts weren't pulled up and I took a fall, hitting the cold cement floor.I used my right elbow to break my fall.So I'm laying there on the ground,Its pouring down raining.Shorts to my knees..Nug staring at me like You Idiot!!!! I couldn't stop laughing.To make matters worse.The gate opens and in walks the mail man,He has a package for me.(Of all the days)He sees me on the ground,does a double take,My face is as red as my shorts .                                                      "Hello,.Do I need to sign something?".He said "Dont worry about it,"                                                             I said "Its been one of those mornings"He sets the package on my tool box As he he's walking away he says " I can tell" I picked myself up along with my pride,Huge bruise starting to form.Pulling those dang shorts up, Grabbed the package,C'mon Nug(by the way, she didnt even bark at the mailman) back in the house.We run in out of the rain.Sat down to open the package,WASNT EVEN MINE...WRONG HOUSE...


  1. Wow. Now thats what I call a bad day!

  2. Oh I can tell I am going to enjoy your blog. Your last entry sounds a lot like my world. lol Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have hit the follower button and will enjoy reading. Take care.