Tuesday, December 25


                                           December 25th 2012 is about to come to and end.Another Christmas came and went.I had a really nice Christmas.Of course I waited til the last minute to do any Christmas shopping.Yesterday I ran to Kmart to grab the gifts I needed.I took Nuggett(My dog) with me. Kmart was packed.I should of known.I had my list of items texed to my phone.(This is 2012) we Dont carry paper anymore LOL Maybe we should the way my Smart phone hides numbers from.I rolled the Windows to my truck down some, made sure Nug was comfortable.Fought my way thru the crowd.People were actually nice this year.I walked to my truck with my bags,Poor Nug was laying in there passenger seat.She was having a seizure. I'm not sure what brings these on.Her back legs become paralyzed. Dry mouth.Pupils dilated and I have to pet her and talk her thru them. I'm thinking she gets a hold of candy or sugar some how. Got her thru it and headed home.Pouring down raining.

                                      Got up this morning and I had to finish up my shopping.So out I go again.Only store open was CVS. Founds some nice gifts there.
                                              At 3 p.m. I went to my Sisters for dinner.She made everything herself.Had a nice time.(So grateful for everyday we get to spend with her,After being diagnosed 2 years ago with the cirrhosis of the liver(She is 2 years 6 months sober)She liked her jacket I bought her.Gave the B.I.L cash and lottery tickets.He was happy with that and it wasn't a whole lot.After dinner I went over to Best friends to exchange gifts and eat(again)His kids were so excited to open there gifts. Ages 6 and 4.The 6 year led the prayer.She said And God Bless John.......Love them kids.So now I'm home and relaxing in the living room.Tree and lites on and the house smells of pine.Jan 1st I'll take it all down and store it away.

                                 I want to thank God for having his hand upon two people that I love. On Sunday My Neice was driving to her Moms to bake cookies and she hit black ice and rolled her SUV Thank God she wasn't hurt.Her SUV is totaled and she is sore but ok. That same night at 8 pm I got a call a good friend had over dosed.He accidentally over took muscle relaxers(Soma) and his wife said he wasn't responding.I drove there as fast as I could praying all the way.I lost a Sister in 1999 to the exact same Prescription pill.I HATE those Muscle relaxers.By the time I got there Ambulance and fire department were in his driveway.My legs could hardly carry me.I made my way up to his car.Where he sat in the passenger seat.His eyes were open.THANK GOD.They got him on the gurney.Took six men, He was shaking and couldn't talk,They got am IV in him.They let me talk to him.When I called his name.He replied and slowly started talking.They treated him very nice.He was in the hospital til 2 a.m. They wanted to make sure it wasn't a suicide attemp They ran all kinds of tests and a Cat scan to make sure he was ok. I know for a fact it wasn't a suicide attempt
                       .Sorry readers I wasn't going to write about anything heavy on this post.I was going to stick to Christmas.But I have to mention it and say THANK YOU JESUS for having your hand upon my niece and my friend and giving me a peace of mind thru all the storms.I hope you all had a Blessed Christmas. Heres looking to 2013.


  1. I think any day that you can thank God for such great big things - makes it a great day! I am so glad that your friends and family are all okay.

  2. i second chatty crone's comment.
    thank god your friends and family are all okay and i am so glad they are all safe and sound.

    also: thank you so much for the follow. following right back!

    wish you the best in 2013!!

  3. I'm glad you have family and friends to spend Christmas with. They are a blessing and am very thankful too that your niece and friend are ok. Hope you do have a Happy New Year.

  4. I have a daughter-in-law to be who takes those muscle relaxers and I hate that she has to take them!!
    Myself, I try to stay away from doctors and medication if any way possible. I understand that there are times when both are needed... but too often today doctors prescribe drugs that just aren't needed. That's my 2 cents worth. Your poor pup! I hope everything is okay. Glad you had a blessed Christmas.. now here's to looking forward to the New Year... God bless!

  5. Hope you had a good Christmas and that the doggie Nugg is ok. I bet she/he got too excited when you went in KMart. Glad your friends and family are ok. Take care.

  6. Hi John,
    I had a chihuahua once that also had seizures. My vet gave me seizure meds for her.
    I am so gld you got to see your friend and talk to him. God was with your niece, your friend and your little pup too John. I praise God for that.
    Thank you for reading my journal.
    And now that I found yours, I can keep up with you too! I hope you have a reat New Year!
    God bless, Carlene

  7. Hello John, I'm glad Nuggett, your niece, and friend are all okay. Wishing you a super happy New Year!!!