Sunday, December 9

"Memories of Christmas"


                                                                                                                                                                        Well I did it,I finally bought a tree and dragged the boxes of decorations out of the garage.On Wednesday I picked up my Sis, took her and bought her a Noble tree.For some reason I decide on a 3 foot tree that ended up looking like a bush from the streets.(Go figure) Put on Christmas Music,Got us a hot chocolate and we made a "New Memory"

                                     Then today I decided to go thru the boxes.Wow talk about memories flooding back,Moms ceramic Christmas tree that She sat out every year since 1967.Then I came across their Elf's stockings,The hair was all matted and the material has began to fade from White to brown...

                                       To someone else they might be Old tattered dolls that need to be redone or thrown out.But to me,I can see them hanging in Mom and Dads living room.I had bought for them one year,(matching set of course.)Memories come flooding back. Us sitting in the living room on Dakota Street .Having coffee at night watching Christmas movies, All of laughing in unison.There are no words to describe the Family I had.The love we shared,Our house was the house the neighborhood kids would come to hang out.Mom always cooking a big meal, Dad pulling a prank on someone.Just to get a good laugh. Every year he would buy Mom a poinsettia for Christmas.No matter how broke we were.One Christmas Dad didn't have any money to buy Mom a gift, During our Christmas dinner,He walked in wearing his nicest clothes,clean shaven(He was a T shirt& jeans cowboy hat guy) Said "Honey I couldn't buy you anything for Christmas,So I'm giving myself to you,"And he spent that Christmas in the kitchen cleaning up& doing the dishes.At the time I didn't understand how much that meant to Mom.Now I do
                  .   Opps I got off track. So I went thru each box and set things out.Made my home festive.And to me Christmas is the Gift that Christ gave us,He could of placed me anywhere in this world.But he gave me MY Parents for awhile.Mom 2005,Dad 2008,

                                            Anyone reading this,please take the time to enjoy your family.Tomorrow is not promised.And Start making some Christmas Memories of your own...


  1. Very well said. You are so fortunate to have such fond memories to look back on and perhaps relive a little. I enjoyed reading about them.

  2. Good for you, John, to go out and start making new memories as you remember the old ones. I bet the tree looked nice when you got it up and decorated.