Wednesday, October 24

Hanging out

                       Lets see this is our second day of cold weather .Fall finally made its way here in California.Our first rain was on Monday.Loved it and Tuesday it rained some more. Its definitely getting colder out.On another note.....My Sister Trisha has been very sick the last four days,She says it feel like the flu.I have been very worried about her.Shes the Sister that has liver damage. Cirrhosis of the liver,So I have been praying a lot for her and stressing as well.Around 9 am this morning my friend Mark shows up at my house.In his hand is a movie Vampire Slayer Abraham Lincoln and snacks.So he puts the movie on and darkens the living room .Mind you this 930 in the morning. Something I usually don't do.So we watched the movie decide to hang out (putting all errands on hold) And I really enjoyed myself.He knew I was stressing, So he came over to take my mind off of everything for a bit.Best friends are priceless.......

                                          Later on my Sis called me to take her to the doctor,So I drove her to her appointment.She looked tired and weak.She told me" four days of this flu kicked my butt."Turns out she has a severe bladder infection.Me being in the medical field, I've never heard of vomiting chills, loss of apatite from A bladder infection.Doctor gave her a nausea shot and antibiotics.With Gods help She will be better in know time.

                                         Also this evening I stopped in to check on a friend.Shes 89 and live in a Christian Assisted Building I walk in and there sitting at a long table sat 8 elderly Women with their In & Out burgers and  watching the Giants Vs Tigers  "World Series" Put a huge smile on my face to see them enjoying it...By the way The Giants won tonight 8 to 3..GO GIANTS.

                                           That about sums it all up for now...


  1. My Dad had similar symptoms with a kidney infection. I didn't know it could cause that kind of symptoms either. Glad your friend came over to spend time with you. Praying your sister is better soon. Take care, Sheila

  2. Hi John....hope your sister is feeling much better now...And I hope you are doing fine also!


  3. Hello John, thanks for dropping by the Shipslog. Good blog here, and it is nice to see someone concerned about their family. Hope the Sis is doing well.
    From NC (For the present)
    Jack & Sherry onthe road.

  4. You're blessed to have such a wonderful friend. You're a wonderful friend too, I can tell. God bless you, John.