Friday, November 27



Not sure if anyone read blogs anymore.Now that were all on face book, And hooked on Farm town or Farmville. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine started Wednesday night.I picked up my Sister Trisha and we headed to Bobbies to stay the night.Trish wanted to get some of the cooking done.Bobbie had to work til 8 p.m. Shes a caregiver,Caring for an elderly with Alsheimer.And she works 12 hour shifts five to six days a week and comes home mentally drained.Its a very hard job.I know I to am a caregiver.I just started working for a Lady thats is 83 and shes in the middle stages of it I believe. Anyways Thanksgiving was real nice,My nephew and his wife came and my other nephew came solo.His girlfriend was with her family, So he was in and out.BORED. Bobbies Sister Ann and her boyfriend were there,I set my laptop up so my sister Trisha could see her daughter Misty and her two grandchildren in Texas live,SKYPE.It doesn't cost a thing and its the next best thing to seeing family.I was asked to lead the prayer.Then The neighbors came over.Everyone had a glass a wine and held their glasses up to a toast to all our troops .There was a nice family environment in the air.And I thanked God for another year with family and friends.And all that he has done for me,Now we move onto Christmas.Have a great week and be safe. Blogging off for now



  1. yes, some do still read blogs...just not as often as before. but, not that many actually make freq posts on their blogs, opting for wkly or montly, instead of dly. but that's ok, the way of the world i guess.
    altho, i'm on fb too, i don't play all the games, just pop over few times a day to see what everyone is up to. try to still make wkly updates on my main & tag blogs.

    you're right about that of a caretaker being a hard job, it is. i worked for yrs in home health & hospice, after leaving the hosp sitting. had many aides, sitters, nurses, & others on my team. most were very caring & worked hard for what little rewards they received. but, what goes around comes around...& will get what they deserve, if not in this world, then in the next.

    happy you had a lovely thanksgiving. won't be long, till the celebration of our Father's holy birth.

    till next time.

  2. Well I still read blogs, I hate Facebook and closed my account there. Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving.


  4. I still read blogs everyday. Skype is something else, isn't it? My granddaughter was studying in Prague in the summer and we were able to talk to her by that wonderful new invention.

  5. glad to hear you had a nice thanksgiving. ours was nice also. I have so much to be thankful for and feel truely blessed with what i have. yes god bless our troops.
    ps. anyword on your house yet? keeping you in prayer.

  6. Lovin that picture of you in the chair!

  7. WOW, I like your page!!!! 44444477777