Saturday, December 6

Playground for seniors set for park

Bird watching Area

Heres a good ideal,The town I work in is getting ready to build a $150,000 senior playground,It will offer tai chi classes,a low impact excercise course and tables for games and Socializing.

          I think this is a great ideal,We need to start focussing more on the elderly, Skate parks and teens centers are popping up everywhere.(Dont get me wrong)Those are important to. Its about time Building Committees start creating safe fun no cost areas for our Seniors.Hopefully this ideal will catch on State wide,Bloggers if you know of anything like this in your State please share it here on my blog.
Have a Blessed Day!!!!

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  1. It is a great idea. Being a senior citizen myself I know what a help things like this are. Hey! It was so nice to see a post from you. Love checking on you. Hope your day was an awesome one. love and blessings.