Friday, October 10


I know I blog a lot about the people from "The Estates" but they never seize to amaze me.Yesterday I was assisting Sarah (my 90 year old client)and she wanted to meet her new neighbor. So we knocked on her door "Come in, its open"was the reply. there sat on a beautiful antique couch was a petite elderly Woman, Her son had been moving her all day.Her furniture was very nice,white marble coffee table with matching end tables. In the corner was a big round brown antique table.(I love antiques).But what caught my attention was she had a flat screen tv and in her lap was a Tablet.Yup a Tablet, Here sat this 94 year old lady surrounded with reminders of the good ol day.She glanced up from her Tablet and introduced herself as Edith a widow who decided it was time to leave her big empty home and get an apartment at the assisted living place.
                                 My client Sarah can come across as very forward, She began to ask Edith several questions, cutting her off each time.After a few minutes she decided we needed to get back to her apartment. Welcomed Edith to "The Estates"and strolled out on her hoveraround.Back home she tells me I just wanted to get a feel of her.If she was going to blast her tv late at night and keep me awake (8pm is late) And with smirk "I also wanted to see her furniture"
      Love my job.

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  1. I don't get tired of hearing about your job. I've had so many elderly friends since I was widowed at age 50 I met lots of widows and we all chummed around. Now they are all mostly gone but I remember some of their quirks. Now that I'm older I'm sure I have some too. lol