Wednesday, October 1


Fall is here, you wouldn't know it by our weather in California.We are in the 80's and 90's.We need rain.
                                October is also my birthday month. I will be 49.My body is starting to feel it to lol I know some of you are in your 70's and say wait til you get to be my age.This past week I've been down with my back.I hurt it lifting at work. It is painful and makes it hard to sleep, I got me to thinking about all those people with chronic back pain.My prayers go out to them. The constant pain makes it hard to sleep or lift or walk.
                                    On a happier note, my clients daughter Blessed me with a Samsung notebook tablet.What a Blessing. She said that I deserved it for giving such great care to her Mom.Her Mom is 90 yearsShes very sharp. She gets along pretty good considering she has polymiositis (affects every muscle in your body. Shes had it over 20 years and it is now starting to slow her down. She uses a walker and I follow behind her with a stoll so she can sit every few feet and regain her strength. This is just a quick update.
Have a Blessed Day
You know your getting old when
Your back goes out more then you do.
You and your teeth sleep in separate rooms
When you pick up the TV remote to make a phone call
You go to the mail box to mail a letter
And open it instead.
Looking for your glasses and there on top of your head


  1. Morning from the UK John...So sorry to read about your back as you so rightly say it is such a debilitating thing back pain. I was born with Spina Bifida and although been in pain a very long time it is only now as I reach a coule of months of my 70th !! I think mayeb old age is making the pain less able to be coped with..I take morphine now every night and morning and that certainly helps get through the night and day\ !! I was so pleased to read about your lovely gift of a tablet...just what you desrved...but we know that we dont often get just what we deserve in this is good to be appreciated....Praying that yoour pain will ease soon....HAve a nice restful weekend. I am going on holiday with a friend who will push my wheelchair next week we are of to has been my life long ambition and Peter one of our neighbours has said he is willing to push me around.. I am sad that I can't take my battery chair though but the electricity in teh rural areas is unpredictable apparently and it woudl be awful if I run out of power !!nso push chair it has to be....Anyway hope to be incontact again before we o next Saturday x.

  2. Hi buddy, :)
    Hoping when you read this your back won't be hurting as much. I had back surgery three years ago. It got me out of the wheelchair but still keeps me up at night, still makes it hard to do things I want to do. Getting older certainly doesn't help either.
    Geez! Seems such a long time ago that I was in my late 40's. I went trucking for the first time at age 52. Loved it! Now, at age 78 and with a host of health issues, making it through the day is a major accomplishment.
    Take care.
    Love ya

  3. Teeth sleep in separate rooms..,...that's a we'll kept secret🙊