Saturday, October 18


Nephew Eric 3 months old(now he's 35

Saturday Oct 18th 2014

Afternoon Bloggers,
Thursday was a sunny day here in California (year 3 of a drought)I decided to organize my Christmas boxes in my garage to be ready for  December.I was moving boxes around while Nugg was playing in the corner with her shadow.Behind the stack of plastic tubs hidden in the back sat an old dusty tub.I pulled it out dusted it off, opened the lid.Inside was old newspapers that had turned yellow over time.I pulled up a chair sat down and began to unwrap the newspapers.I couldnt believe my eyes,Stuff I hadnt seen in thirty years.I found pictures of my Family,Hand written letter's my Mom Tiny(from her Grandchildren) had kept.My 6th grade "First place" award for triple jump.My one and only first place ever lol,WOW Mom kept everything.It was as if I was transported back in time,A time where my Family was alive and happy.Many memories came  back to me,I grabbed my phone and began to take pictures of the items I was finding.Within 30 minutes I had seven Neices and Nephews texting me from.all over and we began to remenisce back and forth.Each one asking if they could have their stuff Grandma saved.I decided I would make each one a package for Christmas and send them to them. In return they must send me a hand written Christmas card(not a tex message)  with a picture of their kids so I can do a Family tree. For me Christmas came early.....Finding this box in my garage is a Blessing,

Larry age 6 mos(now he's35)

Joey age 3(now hes 34)

Tammy on the (RT)took 3rd in Calif  training for the Olypics

My Sis Barbara(R.I.P )and Jeanette(age 15)
for me Christmas came early


  1. If you had a way to scan them you could put them on a CD and make everyone a copy for Christmas. That is a great find! Wish you all would get some rain. Take care, Sheila

  2. I have only recently got back from a hliday in China so catching up on as much as I can..I had a great laugh at todays' blog..... and now I find one that was on whilst I was away...What a wondreful FIND...your family must be so very thrilled I know I would have been and what a great Christmas present for one and all....good find for sure xx