Sunday, April 28


On saturday our town gathered together for the "Love Riverbank"program. Over 200 volunteers showed up. My Assistant Pastor and his Wife were asked to be in Charge of the program. They along with our Mayor Richard Obrian and some locals put a lot of time and and effort in to planning the event.Which turned out great.We had Eight projects going on .Such as Cleaning the Parks, some of the streets that were over grown by weeds and taking food to our Fire department and cleaning the local library.It was so nice working  along side other people who live in our Community.and getting to know one another.
Me holding our Love Riverbank Mascot 

 Just wanted to blog about in this day and age there are still a lot of good people out there willing to come together for there city and make a difference.
We also celebrated Earth day at Jacob Meyer's Park.The Family oriented park was packed full to capacity with people walking around and contributing to our local businesses.A lot of good food to choose from,they even had a duck race down the river. For $1.00 you purchased a yellow rubber duck and the winner of the duck race won $100. So all and all it was a fun filled day for our Community.


  1. I always love events like these that make the world a better place. sandie

  2. Thats so true Chatty.Everyone coming together to do good.

  3. John, it has been nice scanning your blog. You seem to be a very community oriented fellow. I did love the story of #3. Bright boy. lol

  4. P.S. You might want to think of getting rid of Word Verification if you want to increase your readership. It seems to keep bloggers away. Just a friendly suggestion:)