Sunday, January 6


YA right John

Tonight we had a surprise party for a friend at Church,He turned 38 and has never had a Surprise party before.There were a lot of people,food and gifts.Very Nice,and he deserved it.BUT..........

                It got me to thinking back to my 40th birthday, As you know turning 40 is a big deal,Turns out mine wasn't as big a deal as I thought. LOL.
The morning of MY 40th birthday I got a call from a friend at Church,That they wanted me to meet them at 6 pm for a Seminar" Ok,sure got it.I WILL be there.'He gave me directions to a elegant restaurant. "WOW they're going all out for me "I thought.

                  Called my Sister at work told her all about the BIG PARTY."How exciting.She said Its going to be awesome let me know how it goes."I thought Ah hah good acting Sister.your driving down two hours just to be a part of it.The whole day went by.Not one phone call from anyone from Church.(highly unusual) We are all very close.Oh its going to be huge, Everyone's going to be there,I hardly could contain myself.So Blessed to have all these friends going thru so much trouble for ME.......Who hoo,

So 5 p.m  rolled around.My friend called me ."Hey can you just meet us there?Wife and I are going straight there after work.And I gotta warn you,Its going to be 2 hours long and boring on the 401 K Plan."I thought to myself.Nice try Tony,
"Sure I'll meet you there"I said.
 I pull into parking lot, It was  Full of cars tonight."Now lets see who drives what in my Church?"Then my phone rings."Hey John its Tony,Seminar is in the back,Walk past the bar.Were waiting its going to start soon,Oh and they're serving fettuccine",OK I said(more like

Called my Sister back,Voice mail." Ah hah of course you cant come to the phone, Your hear waiting to jump out and yell S U R P R I S E ."My hearts beating,Hands sweating.I got to the double doors.And I open the door.Stood there a minute.No Family,No Church friends.NO SURPRISE PARTY.......It really was a 401k Seminar,My friends waved me over."Have a seat its starting soon,And your food colds its been here ten minutes."I gathered my composure and swallowed my pride.I wanted to laugh and tell them,But I was to embarrassed.Turns out everyone forgot..
At 10 pm My Pastor called and wished me a Happy Birthday, Called Sis back and Told her the whole story.We both couldn't stop laughing.
Wasn't personal,Just happened.


  1. Oh man, that's hilarious. I hate when that happens.
    Maybe on your 50th?

  2. I'm sorry it didn't happen - but you were a great sport about it. I have had some similar things happen!!!

  3. What a let-down, John. So glad to see you popped in to check out and follow my blog. I'm all about family and maybe a few rants here and there, but more raves. I'm working on being a better person...gets tough sometimes but I do love life and being a Christian. Come back soon.

  4. How cute now, John, but I'm sure then it was not; I'm not one for surprise parties so I would have been relieved to find it was indeed a seminar!


  5. I only had one surprise party in my life, given by my husband, Johnny, will never forget it. Had to smile while reading this post, John, so admire the way you handled it. Some people wouldn't have been able to do as well. You know, if enough people read this post NEXT just may get that party. :)

  6. John, I just had to stop by to thank you for the comment you left in My Johnny blog. I so appreciate your taking time for me. It is helpful to keep in contact with people who have been through this because sometimes people say things that kind of hurt. I know their intentions are good but to say things like "get on with your life" when it has only been two months is ...well, you know. Any way, I know you are right about our loved ones not wanting us to be sad all the time. That is one of the things my Johnny put on his Final Word page to our family. Thanks for being such a good friend. God bless you.

  7. John I have had a few birthdays where I thought for sure someone is giving me a party and then like you it was all in my head.
    Sorry this happened I know how disappointed it had to of been but gosh you were a good sport about it.
    Have a wonderful day

  8. same happened here ... was my 40th yesterday, knew there would be no party, as I and partner run a restaurant so would be working (my d'day fell on Good Friday, so one of the busiest days of the year for us at work) - and I was fine with working, but did hope that friends would make come effort. Especially as I had made a real effort in going to the gym / got a personal trainer etc & wanted to prove to myself that I could do what ever I wanted. But as well everyone knew my 40th was the one I wanted to celebrate!!

    It had been my partners 50th a few months before mine and we had a sit down meal for our close friends etc, wanted to organise a knees-up party for everyone as a joint 50th / 40th party - but partner definitely did not want that, so I knew I would have to go with out a party. (We would have had the party in the restaurant's quiet period) ... made sure all the staff etc knew it was partners birthday etc etc ....

    You know not even my personal trainer couldn't be bothered to wish me a happy birthday, out of a large circle of friends only a few even bothered to send a card, a small hand-full remembered via Facebook ... but all my closest friends ... didn't even bother ... really peeved with them, and feel really down and a bit upset, more for the fact that I felt they were good friends & I was so duped!
    I've got use to 'hangers on' who are friends because they think it will get them a free drink or a nice table, but really thought I could tell them and true friends apart, disappointed to see I have very few friends!

  9. Bwahaha yup johns world....;-) atleast u got that important 10pm call lol;-);-)