Saturday, January 19


           One doesn't realize how much we need something until it is broken.My driver side window stopped working about two weeks a go.Its stuck at..... almost up all the way.It becomes a pain,every time I drive, Its a reminder of why we need our Windows UP.There are several reasons, Car jacking, Cold weather, but most importantly to Order in Drive thru with our dignity...........  I didn't realize how often I go thru the drive thru until the broken pane.

                  I pull up an order at the speaker which is fine. Until I have to pull up step out,Leaving my pride in the truck.Feel the need to explain that the window is TEMPERARLY broken.I hand them the money,get back in Shut the door and wait!!!!!.Food comes, GET OUT and grab my order. Glancing at my door to let the Food server know I am aware of the broken window. God forbid they only use one person to take your order.So I usually repeat an awkward glance two to three times depending upon where I go..So I roll along telling myself, I will not go through that again until the window is fixed.

                                 Next day Number 3 starts calling me and I repeat.Enough already,Its not normal to walk up to a drive thru window,It just isn't .So I had the truck looked at.Turns out the motor blew out and my automatic windows wont roll up or down.And in Johns World no such luck to have a back up button to manually roll up the window. I guess I can avoid the whole dilemma  by parking and going in to order my food in person.NOT in 2013 that just isn't right.I got things to do.No time for that.


  1. You are so funny - and I go thru drive thrus too! It would be terribly hard. sandie

  2. Yep you gotta get that window fixed. John put tape over the check engine light when it wouldn't go off. Hee hee

  3. That happened to my son's car with his driver's window. It was hard too when he went through DUI checkpoints and he'd have to open the door and explain to the police why he couldn't roll down the window. (He works downtown as a valet and they usually have checkpoints most weekends :)

    Do get it fixed when you can!