Wednesday, January 23



 Be Careful what you pray for.  More importantly be very specific..I was telling myself its been awhile since I've gone on a date.(I think Reagan was President) So I prayed Lord I need a
Godly,fun loving Woman.One who Is wise and has her own set of wheels.A woman who enjoyed the 80's(My favorite era)Sorry to sound picky. But lets face it.A few of my dates have been Out there.So I began to talk to two Women and was thinking of asking one to go out for dinner. But I got called in to Assist.
 I volunteered tonight at "The Estates"I was assisting an elderly woman to bed.She has poliomyelitis. I've know Sarah about five years.And have been assisting her this pass year.So I was putting her into her bed.takes about 45 mins.Her disease has affected her muscles. She looks up at me and said."You have bedroom eyes." I said."Excuse me Sarah", "She said if I was  54 Years younger and MAYBE turned Pentecostal (my beliefs) Id marry you" ..Back track my prayer request,

 1.  Godly (She loves the Lord.)
 2.  Wise.  (Knows her History)
 3.  Own set of wheels...(Owns a hove around)
 4.  80"s.......( Shes 89)

 Yes so definitely be careful How you pray................... The weddings In March.Just kidding


  1. John, you made me laugh, and after the day I had, I needed to. Thank you, thank you!

  2. That is so funny - and God must have a good sense of humor too.

  3. Thats a cute


  4. That's so sweet, John. But just between us, my friend, I have no doubt that if you're ready to meet that special woman, GOD knows just where to find her. Thanks for being there as I work my way through this unfamiliar territory. Life without Johnny is so hard. I know it will get better, just eager to get through this horrible sadness, eager for it to lessen up a little bit..just a tad would make it easier.
    Have an awesome day.
    God bless you.