Tuesday, December 20

You will be missed.

Hello everyone,
Sitting here watching my three year old and six year old God Children.Whew, where does all that energy come from?Found out the hard way how much power two Short bread cookies can do.I'm baffled at what a six year old can get from running from the couch to the wall 100 times.Sure is tiring me out, just watching them .Thank God for The Cartoon network,I can sit and a blog a minute.Spoke to soon.Now shes making airplane sounds and Counting the presents under the tree,While he's running a car up down the arm of the couch.Kids you gotta a love them.

Up date on my Client of two years. She passed away.She was 91. She had a stroke, While in the hospital they found several blood clots in her leg and wanted to amputate.But her heart was to weak for surgery.So the Family decided Hospice would take over and keep the pain under control.I sat with her awhile,She held my hand. Her mind was so clear,She the one with Alsheimers.She said you know Thanksgiving is in two days.And ishe was right.I asked her if she was scared? She said no.She said shes ready for Heaven and the Angels are coming. Wow, this is tough to let her go.Her Family asked me to be a Pall Beaer .What an Honor.She was One of the sweetest people I ever cared for.She taught me so much in two years.But she was ready to let go and go on..You will be missed A.W.

Merry Christmas to All and A Blessed...


  1. It's so sad but great that she could accept it. I'm sure it made things easier for her. I know I would be terrified.

  2. ((((((((((John))))))) So sorry for your loss.


  3. Missy thats whats important. And Melanie thank you very much,I do miss her alot.

  4. oh man sorry for your loss...

    i do hope you have a merry christmas!