Wednesday, December 28


Just three more days til all the decorations come down and the tree gets tossed out. Not ready to let December go.Is it a rule we have to put everything away Jan 1rst?.......... I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.Mine was awesome. Just being with friends and family made me feel so Blessed.
                                         On the 17th ,we had a dinner in the gym for our Church and their extended families.And the Community.We had over 200 for dinner,And plenty of food left over.Pastor was in Charge of the games, I assisted him and his wife.We had 37 gifts to give away as door prizes.(That made it exciting.)At the end of the evening.We showed a slide show of some of the activity's we did Thru out 2011.I enjoyed watching the people fellowing shipping and laughing and the littler kids running around having a good time.
                                          On the 23rd My Sister Bonnie & her Husband Scott drove down to spend the night at my house. I took them to dinner.A place called" Cool Hand Luke's."We ate and laughed and ate and ate, Good times.The next morning my best friend Mark stopped by to say hello to them.My Bro- in -law Scott treated the four of us to breakfast at a  Little place called Nifty's.A Mom and Pop old fashion style diner.Breakfast is always good there.The diner is filled with regulars that sit around the counter and drink coffee and read the newspaper and talk.
                                           On Christmas Eve I was invited over to Marks and his wifes' house.Had dinner(a great ham and a string bean casserole) Did a gift exchange, They gave me a nice oil painting of a tree ,and in the background there is a Church.Love the painting.Something about trees I like,In my earlier blog posting I  explain why and what they mean to me.Also got a neck rest for whenever I want to relax on the lap top or watch TV,Their kids bought me a nice razor,And Marks Mom sent me a DVD player...
                                             On Christmas Day I spent it at my other Sisters house(The one that God did a miracle on her liver, Trisha)Read my earlier posting on her story.Thank you Jesus,She was even able to cook the turkey and make pies.She gave me a nice 49er key chain.I had been eyeballing awhile back.We had a real nice time as a Family.Talked about our Parentso and our three Sisters that we had lost in the last ten years.But we all stayed  in good Spirits.So to me the most important lesson this Christmas learned was.You make the best of any situation and learn to laugh and that Family&Friends are everything.
                                              I hope you all had a great Christmas

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  1. Glad you had a great Christmas! Sounds like alot of fun!