Wednesday, November 23



The flu bug has been going around.Yesterday was day seven off/on for me dealing with it.I also had Church on Tuesday.So I took a mucinex tablet and some day quil tab Been very busy with activities at my Church. We are doing Pandamania."God is Wild About You" Its a ten week course for the kids.Singing and dancing.(based on Vacation Bible School) So on my way out.I put the baby gate up in my doorway, to my bedroom so Nugg could see out.The big dog roams the house watching over it..On my way out, (In a hurry and somewhat slightly medicated.)I told Nugg "Be good,I'll be home from Church soon and take you for a walk."I passed thru the living room, grabbed my keys.There laid Nugg in my recliner.I had to do a double take. If she could speak She's say "Are you talking to the pillow ..?" Boy, did I feel dumb.Picked up Nugg (shaking my head) and put her on the bed.
Made it to Church on time.We .had our biggest crowd of kids so far.Made it thru the evening.Got home Me and Nugg crawled in bed and called it a night.... At least I think it was

To all the Bloggers out there.Have a Happy Thanksgiving"


  1. Happy Thanksgiving John! Cute story about Nugg being on the recliner!! Cool too with the work you do at church with the kids!

    May you have a good day tomorrow!


  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one. Our's was and I'm thankful.

  3. Does your pillow snore or slobber? LOL! These pets can be a nightmare or God sent.:-)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I always love new visitors.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and be Blessed!

  4. Feel Better soon John...and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  5. WOW! I'm so behind in reading blogs. Sorry about that. Happy late Thanksgiving. Google now offers an email subscription option for your sidebar. If you add that to your sidebar, it will make keeping up with blogs so much easier. Your entries will come directly to my inbox. Have a good week!