Thursday, August 18


I'm sitting here thinking about how advanced our technology is today.Everyone has a phone.A computer and can be found(GPS) Almost anytime.But as Humans we seem to be losing our Compassion.When I was growing up,It was very rare to to talk to Family long distance because it was very expensive.Yet today we have a plan with our cell Phone Company Un-limited talk.Yet we don't.We either Tex or keep up with Family Thur Social Media Networks like Face book.No longer going to Relatives houses to see pictures are Important Family gatherings.We can just click right thru them.Even Comment on them.No need to send out Christmas cards.Just send them a little dancing elf with our faces...via E.card.As for Birthdays Face book will remind us.And we can drop them Aline, regardless if we really know.them or not.We click on their page send a greeting.I think all this is a good way to communicate,But what happened to calling a friend? Visiting Family?Face to face talk time.(Never mind that one),You can do that Thur the new phones as well.I read a comment on Face book tonight.Hey everyone sorry my phone is broke,All it will do is make calls,Hit me up here.WOW.We are advancing alright.But at what Cost.Even now,I am Blogging all this on a website instead of in a journal.So I guess its Advanced Technology,Making a Difference,
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