Sunday, December 6

God Daughter's Christmas Play

Well last night Me ,My Sister Trisha and Bobbie went to watch Bobbies daughter Lilly in A Christmas play.The High school students did a real good job. The first play was a comedy called Mrs Claus Saves Christmas.And their was this one girl who was very tall and played a ditzy, Clumsy elf named Tiny.She was so funny.The sold out crowd laughed so hard. And the ironic thing is Lilly is named after my Mom Lilly.And my Moms nickname was Tiny.So in away my Mom was watching over her name sake grand daughter.The second play Lil was in She played one of the Angels who sang off key and at the end they pulled it all together,We took pictures afterwards.Then we all went out to dinner.Nice evening.Trisha and I stayed the night with Bobbie&Lil and They decorated the tree.While I supervised and took pictures Will add them here this week.Hope everyone is spending some quality family time. And lets stop a moment and say a prayer for a lonely person or a homeless family and ask God to help them.
Blogging off for now


  1. How wonderful John, that is something I would love to have seen. Yes, we must all think of those that have nobody, those sleeping on the streets. We who have families and friends are truly blessed.