Thursday, October 29


Hello Bloggers,

Finally good news without complaints. Oct 25th was Mine and Bobbies Birthday.I picked up my sister Trisha and went to Oakdale,Then the three of us went to a nice resturant called Cindy's.Good food.Of course I had the grilled chicken Saled.(ulcers) And Trish had a huge cheese burger and fries.(mouth watering) And Bobbie had a plate of Enchiladas,rice and beans.(smelled good)And we were doing a lot of lauging.Ive been eating ginger root dailey to heal my Ulcer.(In Jesus Name) And I am feeling better.Thank you everyone for your prayers,Still waiting for the final on the house. Im still holding on to my faith(Hebrew 11:1) My prayers are with you all and hope everyones doing well. Stay healthy.NOTE.... I was told to gargle twice daily with warm salt water and use a Q-Tip to clean nostrols to help prevent getting flu or Swine flu.Blogging off for now


P.S. The Church is having a huge carnival with games,jumping balloons.Shetlen pony, And lots of food,games and prizes. So the kids will have fun and be safe.I will post pictures in November.


  1. so good to hear from you...God bless and happy b-day!

  2. just a quick comment to let you know my old blog is closed, but i have 2 new ones. hope you've been by, if not come visit & sign in to follow. huggies...
    links are on old blog.
    if you've already been, ty!

  3. you left a comment on my new tag blog, asking if there was still a Sugar Shack too. no Sugar Shack is closed, as stated above & on last post there. but for my updates visit my new blog Sugars Sweet Spot (link is in last post at Sugar Shack, & is on sidebar of my new tag blog Sugars Other Place. come see me & list yourself as a follower so you'll get updates there.