Wednesday, October 14


OK folks Im back,Ive been away for awhile. I got sick,And sorry to say sarted farmtown.forgive me. But Wanted to blog about my weekend. Mt sister came down for four days.So much fun.We walked down town.Wanted to shoe her our new remoldeled downtown. Them our friend Bobbie.The one thats been on an an excercise eat right kick,(has lost 85 pounds in ten months) Anyways we went to the gym with her.We had a great time. And might start going,Well I got alot of blogs to read and catch up.Blogging off for now JOHN


  1. Loved your photographs John ~ Glad you had a good time with your Sister ~ Hope you are feeling better now ~ Ally x

  2. I'm glad to hear you had a good time with your sister. I'm also glad you're feeling better.

  3. i don't play any games at fb, except i do have a virtual pet & i decorate her habitat, etc, there's an arcade there too, but i don't play.
    nice to see you back, not a lot of my old friends blogging much anymore. :(
    great pics.
    have a good wkend.

  4. Going to the gym is a great idea. I know I enjoy my workouts :o)

  5. Just stopping by to see how you are. I see you are from a small town too. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Glad that you had a good Thanksgiving. I do'nt belong to Facebook so yes I still read blogs. I didn't know you had the followers list so I added myself, Now I can tell when you have made an entry, Or I don't think I was there either way I haven't seen your entry's on my dashboard and haven't noticed any alerts on mine for any of your entry's. Have a nice day. Helen