Saturday, July 4


Pictures 1.Dereck&freind 2.Me Selling Fireworks$49.99 box!3.Angel Little boy.Who won the Bike Drawing.4.Customers 5.Banner My Nephews E.I.L. Made...
Happy fourth of July everyone. I had a good week.On the 29th My Church opened our fire
work Stand.We have been doing this 15 years now.Its our biggest fundraiser of the year. It was hot off and on. I didnt work alot this year.I've been working for Miss O Alot off hours and Im recovering from my Ulcer.So I didnt over do it.But I still went and fellowshipped with everyone.Its so nice to have a good Church group that becomes a part of your family. My nephew Larry's F.I.L made a Banner for our booth Community Praise Tabernacle.And his Brother Mike drove it down to my booth for me.That was vey nice of them.And the Owner George for donating his time and material for us.Anyways we almost sold out of everything tonight.Can you believe they had a $600 box and five guys walked up and bought it. We did a raffle .Gave away two bikes.One little boy was so happy to win it. Afterwards we had a Bar-B-Que and did fireworks in the Church parking lot.The kids were all running aroung,laughing having fun with thier sparklers.I did go back and forth to my home alot.The two dogs were home and I new Nug &Buddy would be scared.It felt so strange not having Dad home for me to comfort Nugg and for me to come in and tell him all about the sales and the get together. Saddens me that my parents arent here.Dad passed last June 20th.So hard without him.But I keep telling myself.Go fellowship.Laugh,smile and talk with everyone.Thats what they would of wanted. Cant stay home and mourn and get depressed.We have to go on. I hope everyone had a great Fourth,Will post pictures Soon.
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  1. You know John, I don't think we ever stop grieving for our loved ones we have lost but I think that is healthy. If you stuff your grief, that is not healthy, Ulcer, for sure. I have a problem, I sometimes want to talk about my son with my kids, his brothers and sister and half siblings, not dwell on his horrible days he had but remember him as a happy healthy person and some of the stunts they all pulled on me but I have only one son that will talk to me and we always w ind up laughing and remembering.Glad you had a GOOD FOURTH.. Ours was rainy and very cool for the 4th. Didn't get above 76.

  2. HI John, Yes, we still mourned about our love ones. We have all our lives to do that. Life goes on. Just take one day at a time. I lost my big sister a year and a half ago. It'll be two years in Nov. You take care and have a safe Fourth. :) Nancy

  3. Happy belated 4th! Have a good week.

  4. Sounds like the fireworks sale was a blast and a big success! I know how it is, missing a loved one like that, it never really goes away, you always wish they could be there to share in the good times you are having. Well, I have finally stopped in over here, I am trying to get back into blogging and visiting blogs, lets see if I can keep up! LOL! XOXO Kelly

  5. John,

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon. Know what you mean about missing your dad. my wife lost her mom last year. her dad is up this week and she got a little misty as they talked about her. cherish the memories, and live to make him proud. sounds like you are hooked in with a good group at church. community helps us in those tough times. keep at it.


  6. John,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is amazing the technical world of blogging and the people I have come in contact with. i look forward to reading more blogs.