Sunday, June 28


My sister and and I bonded with APRIL(dance Instructor And one of the main Stars OF FairyLand and her husband Eric(My nephew ,He's the lead singer for heavy Rock band S.E.I.P. Unlikely Couple huh? But they support each other.Second picture is of Trisha(My Sister) April my (N.I.L.)_ And Me.We had a really nice time. It was two acts, with about eight different dances productions. Of all ages and Style. April has been teaching for years at her Moms dance Studio.In Step Dance Studio in Modesto Ca. The props were very well done &Colorful. And the childrens costumes were awesome. My Sister and I really enjoyed the evening. First time for both of us. I told My nephew Eric. Reminds me of the time when he was in 4th grade we all went to see him in Scrooge.And he said You remember that?Of course I do.Just wanted to post this entry. We had a good time.In other news..... My Church booth opened today.We will be selling fireworks Now til the fourth.Its our most sucessful fundraiser for the Church.We've been doing it the past 15 years. Will post pictures of it this week. Question.......What was your most memorable fourth of July Celebration
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  1. We do not have 4th July here so I cannot answer that question John. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  2. When I was little and very poor my Aunt and Uncle and cousins came down to our farm from Omaha and we had fried chicken, watermelon in an icy tub, no fridge, to poor plus no electricity, home made ice cream and pretty fireworks they brought down from Omaha and being barefoot cause we could only afford shoes for school and I kept stepping on those hot sparkler sticks but it was worth every minute. Now no one gets together. Most of both families are deceased. I now hate the 4th because our alcoholic neighbors make life miserable for us all the time but more so on that day. Oh well we should be used to it after neary 40 years.

  3. I am going out for a meal with my Mum and her friend this 4th July so that will be good